Special La Palma




42,00€ adult / 21,00€ children

Guided Bus tour

Start time: (according to collection point)

Return time: 16:30h – 17:30h

Special La Palma

By bus to the Roque de Los Muchachos


The Roque de Los Muchachos, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view and a cloudless sea of clouds, is the highest point of the island of La Palma.  Before reaching the summit, we will enjoy a bus tour that goes through several communities of the island.

We start at Plaza de Tajuya, a place that became an improvised and privileged vantage point of the recent volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja. From here we can see the volcanic cone and the flows that this phenomenon of nature has left us, which has marked a before and after in the life of all palmeros.

We continue the route because El Time awaits us, an impressive viewpoint at 594 meters above sea level, which offers an unbeatable panoramic view of the extraordinary Aridane Valley as well as the National Park La Caldera de Taburiente.

Our way continues to the beautiful community of Puntagorda, where we visit the farmers’ market, a weekly meeting place for the sale of local products from farmers, craftsmen, and pastry chefs.

After climbing a winding road, we reach the natural balcony of the Roque de Los Muchachos.  It is considered one  of the best places  in  the world for  astronomical observations due to the  quality of its sky and therefore  internationally recognized telescopes are located  here.  The perspective we have from the tip of the island is impressive: at our feet the Caldera de Taburiente, one of the largest erosion craters and geological jewels in the world; on clear days we can see the silhouette of the neighboring islands of El Hierro, La Gomera and Tenerife. And around us, various viewpoints that stretch over the ridges to enjoy a majestic vision. Recently opened, here we find the visitor center that brings us closer to the world of astronomy.

On our descent tour along the east side of the island we will be able to contemplate different climate and vegetation zones, whose bloom in spring gives the landscape another attraction. We will look almost in its entirety the gorge of the Barranco de Las Angustias from the Mirador de los Andenes and we will end with the unbeatable views that extend over Santa Cruz de La Palma, Las Breñas and the east coast, from the Mirador de La Concepción.


How beautiful you are, La Palma! You are and will remain more than a volcano!




  • Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. Warm clothes in the winter months.
  • Recommended: Sun protection, sunglasses, and cap.
  • Enough drinks and food for the whole day.
  • Mobile phone with charged battery.

Don’t forget your camera, because without a doubt you will need it