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Datos generales

Total duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: Low

Use public transport or authorized transfer of tourist companies to access the area affected by the volcano. Help reduce the traffic in that area to facilitate the work of the security and emergency services.

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The bus will stop for about an hour, when going and when coming back in the Plaza Tajuya to observe the volcano.

A. Santa Cruz de La Palma. Parada 500 dirección sur / 15:30h (Google Maps)

B. Los Cancajos. Parada de la playa / 15:35h (Google Maps)

C. Los Cancajos. Parada de la farmacia / 15:40h (Google Maps)

D. Breña Baja. Hotel Parador de La Palma (The marquee is next to the main road) / 15:50h (Google Maps)


The boat trip will be from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm aproximately. Then,we will go to the Mirador de la Plaza de Tajuya to observe the volcano, returning to the pick up point to finish the tour. People who drive their own car, must be at 05:30 pm at Puerto de Tazacorte.

Description of the visit

With this excursion you can go to safe and remote areas, to contemplate the eruption of the new volcano on La Palma. In addition, you can do it from the sea with a boat trip leaving from Puerto de Tazacorte and returning

At dusk we will go to the west of the island and we will visit several observation points and with the darkness of night, you will be able to see the eruption in complete safety.

We will also go to the Puerto de Tazacorte, from there we will take a boat, it will take us along the coast observing the new lava strip and the eruption from the sea.

During this excursion we will always take you to safe observation points, trying to guarantee maximum safety, since at all times we follow the indications marked by the PEVOLCA management.

The company collaborates with the Tierra Bonita Association for the benefit of those affected by the volcano.


  • Wear protective glasses and FFP2 mask
  • Comfortable warm clothing and appropiate footwear, reflective vest
  • Wáter and food for the journey
  • Mobile phone with enough battery
  • In case of urgency, call the emergency number 112


  • We take extra higiene and safety measures in all our services.
  • All surfaces will be constantly cleaned
  • You will have to use the mask.