42,00€ adult / 21,00€ children

Guided Hiking Tour

 7 km

  + 50 m. / – 700 m.

5 hours aprox.

Porís de Candelaria

In search of a little paradise


Tijarafe, northwest of La Palma, offers us the opportunity to visit a hidden place of singular beauty: the Porís de Candelaria.

In this municipality, 700 meters above sea level, we find the Barranco del Jurado, from where we start the hike in search of a small paradise that is hidden on the coast of this town of living traditions.

We descend in the direction of the sea along the PR LP 12.2 trail. We are facing an impressive ravine with almost vertical walls that can reach up to 620 meters of altitude, with peculiar geological formations, farmland, bird populations and interesting species of flora. For this reason, it has been classified as a Protected Natural Area of the Jury.

The ravine progressively narrows as we go down a winding path that takes us to the beach of Jurado, a coastal settlement that formerly served as a seaport where merchandise entered and left, especially salt and fish.

We ascend the right bank of the ravine of El Jurado through a winding path, like the descent path, observing amazing views of the ravine and the immense blue sea.

In less than half an hour on foot and with an eye on the steep and abrupt western coast of the island, we will arrive at a curious natural port, built in honour of the Virgin of Candelaria, where we will have free time before the return transfer.

A cave of approximately 50 meters high with a row of white house’s almost a century old, crystal-clear waters of a sea whose sound floods your surroundings and a postcard image difficult to erase, welcome us to the Porís de Candelaria.


Here, time stands still. Words are unnecessary here.

Our search for the little paradise is over.


Once again, it is confirmed that: La Palma is much more than a volcano.






  • Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. Warm clothes in the winter months.
  • Swimsuit and towel. Depending on the conditions in the sea, you can go swimming.
  • Recommended: Sun protection, sunglasses, and cap.
  • Enough drinks and food for the whole day.
  • Mobile phone with charged battery.
  • Don’t forget your camera, because without a doubt you will need it  ?