Port of Tazacorte

The Canary Islands, especially La Palma, are one of the best places in Europe to see whales and dolphins in the wild. We have a great variety of identified species (more than 30), including dolphins, pilot whales, beaked whales, fin whales, sperm whales, killer whales…

With these sea excursions you won’t need to go far from the coast to see the larger species, such as fin whales or sperm whales, which can be sighted all year round in the islands.. Therefore, the Canary Islands have become the most important place in Europe for the observation of cetaceans in the wild.

In addition, the western part of the island is open to the immensity of the great Atlantic Ocean, which, together with the non-existent maritime traffic of large ships, unlike other islands, makes whale watching easier, as they are calmer than in other parts of the Canary Islands.

However, going out to meet cetaceans is a great adventure in which many variables come into play, but fortunately, our expert partners know perfectly well the waters in which these beautiful creatures move and how they act.

Without a doubt, this is an experience that will be hard to forget. We make it easy for you to live it with our transfer to Puerto de Tazacorte, the starting point of the sea excursions.

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