Monday and Saturday

42,00€ adult / 21,00€ children

Guided Hiking Tour

 16 km

 + 100 m. / – 700 m.

6 hours aprox.

The Taburiente volcanic crater

In the heart of La Palma


The discovery of the heart of La Palma is possible on a route that you cannot miss if you are a nature lover: La Caldera de Taburiente.  It is characterized by the fact that it is one of the largest erosion craters in the world with a diameter of about 8 kilometers and has altitude differences of up to 2,000 m, for the representation of geological formations of high interest and for the great diversity of the species of flora and fauna that have evolved. It was declared a national park in 1954 and is one of the indescribably beautiful main attractions of the island for photography.  You must experience this personally.

From the Mirador de los Brecitos (1,040 m. altitude), the starting point of this hike of spectacular beauty on La Palma, we contemplate how the Canarian pine forest protects and embraces the caldera and enjoy a magnificent view of the interior of the National Park and the Pico Bejenado.

The PR LP 13 Trail takes us over wooden bridges, through gorges with permanent watercourses, streams, and waterfalls into the heart of the green National Park La Caldera de Taburiente. In the river Taburiente, at the campsite, you can enjoy a swim in the cool and crystal clear waters. We continue a path that tests our legs, but which compensates us with its beautiful views, always considering the majestic Roque Idafe, the sacred symbol for the indigenous people.

On serpentines we cross the Barranco de Taburiente until we reach another of the magical places of the obligatory visit, La Cascada de Colores, another representative landmark of the island, where ochre, green and red tones magically mix to give us another idyllic place.

Finally, we take the natural exit of the Barranco de Las Angustias and pay special attention to the shape of the rocks that are located here.


Come and feel the heartbeat of La Palma, because La Palma is much more than a volcano.


*Depending on the weather conditions and the recommendations of the competent authorities (national parks), you can change the route with entry and exit through the Mirador de los Brecitos.




  • Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. Warm clothes in the winter months.
  • Recommended: Sun protection, sunglasses, and cap.
  • Enough drinks and food for the whole day.
  • Mobile phone with charged battery.
  • Don’t forget your camera, because without a doubt you will need it